Philip Beadle
Philip Beadle
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“Capturing the light striking a range of subject matter has always interested me whether it is the landscape, nude or cityscapes. I'm interested in our emotional response to the often fleeting memories we retain of something we have seen and how it affected us. It could be a glare on water or a pose we see for a millisecond as someone moves in every day life to touch their hair or dry themselves after a swim. I'm also concerned with creating an exciting painting surface with abstract qualities and enjoy painting in warm low evening or winter light to resolve form, colour and light into a warm companion on canvas.”
Philip works in oil, water-colour, dry-point and monotype. His immediate environment is Christchurch, where he lives, with its cityscapes, the Canterbury plains, the Southern Alps and Banks Peninsula - all sources of subject matter and inspiration. Philip regularly travels and paints around New Zealand and has had several trips overseas gathering material from which he has painted.

What's New

AUTUMN lIGHT, CENTRAL at Eade Gallery, Clyde

From 2nd October - 2nd November

Represented by

Parnell Gallery, Auckland
Millwood Gallery, Wellington
Bryce Gallery Christchurch
Little River Gallery Banks Peninsula
McAtamney Gallery Geraldine
Wanaka Fine Art Wanaka
Eade Gallery, Clyde
OCTA Gallery, Cromwell
Gallery de Novo Dunedin
Central Galleries, Queenstown

Philip can also be contacted for commisions and enquiries regarding his latest work.


1959 Born in Christchurch, New Zealand
1978 - 81 Auckland University - studying architecture
Canterbury University - studying commerce
1983 - 89 lived in the MacKenzie Country working seasonally at Ohau Ski Area, watercolour painting and screenprinting with the mountainous environment for inspiration
1992 travelled and painted in Canada, USA, South America, France and Spain
1993 started working with acrylic and oils and exhibiting in group shows – joined regular life drawing group and set up studio
1995 etching course at Christchurch Polytech and developed skills in monotype and drypoint
1996 painting trip to England, France, Switzerland
1998 first solo exhibition
1999 Painting trip to France and Italy
2006 Painting trip to France and Italy
2001 – 14 annual exhibitions at Millwood Gallery (Wellington) and Little River Gallery (Banks Peninsula)
2014 Exhibition at Gallery de Novo, Dunedin
2015 Exhibition at Millwood Gallery, Wellington
2016 View Point at Little River Gallery

2018 Water & Light at Little River Gallery, New work Bryce Gallery
2020 The Road Less Travelled at Little River Gallery
2021 Peninsula Light at Little River Gallery

Professional Recognition/Awards

1997 Merit Award – Malvern Community Art Society
Merit Award – Ashburton Society of Art
1999 Members' Choice Award – COCA Christchurch
2001 Premier Art Award – Ashburton Society of Art
2006 TrustPower Award – Ashburton Society of Art
2012 MCAC Friends Award – Malvern Community Art Society
2018 Second prize - Edinburgh Realty Art Awards, Dunedin
2019 Merit Award – Malvern Community Art Society